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Welcome to the Web Site of the Lone Star Region of the Porsche Club of America. This web site is an introduction to the wide variety of activities and events we host. The Lone Star Region of the Porsche Club of America invites YOU to participate with its more than 1,400 members, who are Porsche owners in southeast Texas. More . . .

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If you want to get together with other LSR members, have a question about your car, or want to let others know what you are doing, the Lone Star Region Facebook page is the place to go.

And if you are a Porsche owner, don't just join the Facebook Group - Join PCA and the Lone Star Region.

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In the News

December is upon us

All of the regularly scheduled activities are now on the website calendar - - DE's, AX, CCDS, Club Races, weekend coffees and board meetings.

We have a new store with lot of items that the LSR logo can be added to. Click here to get to the store. With Christmas right around the corner. Do not forget to purchase gift cards from the LSR store for the Pcar fan in your family.

Thank you for all those that took the time to vote on the leadership for your LSRPCA. The votes have been tallied and rechecked. Your new officers for 2015 LSRPCA are:

  • For President: Mike Globe
  • For Vice President: Walt Doyle
  • For Secretary: Michelle Serrell
  • For Treasurer: Ramez Botros
  • For Member at Large: Ken Tubman

Congratulations to the winners and thank you for your support to this club


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And Some Important Things

Charitable Activities

The Lone Star Region takes its role as a member of the communities in which its members live seriously, recognizing that our hard work and good fortune as Porsche owners provides us with an opportunity to support these communities. More details about LSR's charitable activities are on the Charitable Activities web page.


There is a need for committee members on the various Region Committees. More . . .

Keep Up-To-Date

If your e-mail address has changed since you joined PCA of if you have moved, the club's information on how to contact you may be out of date.

From time to time the LSR Member-at-Large sends out an e-mail through the PCA distribution system. . . More . . .

The Social Side

Our weekend coffees are becoming more and more popular. Be on the lookout for one of Pam's gathering.

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